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[Books] Publications:
  • Hunting Season, by Nevada Barr (Putnam).
  • The Hermit’s Story: Stories, by Rick Bass (Houghton Mifflin).
  • The Roadless Yaak: Reflections and Observations About One of Our Last Great Wilderness Areas, by Rick Bass (Lyons Press).
  • The Peddler’s Grandson: Growing Up Jewish in Mississippi, by Edward Cohen (Delta).
  • Tyrus: An American Legend, a novel by Patrick Creevy (Forge).
  • Mississippi Delta Women in Prism, by Claire T. Feild (NewSouth Books).
  • A Multitude of Sins: Stories, by Richard Ford (Knopf).
  • Majesty of the Mississippi Delta, by Jim Fraiser (Pelican).
  • Laugh Track, by David Galef (University Press of Mississippi).
  • The Summons, by John Grisham (Doubleday).
  • Splintered Bones, by Carolyn Haines (Delacorte).
  • Living Dead in Dallas, by Charlaine Harris (Penguin/Ace).
  • Last Scene Alive, by Charlaine Harris (Minotaur).
  • Grit ’n Greens and Mississippi Things, by Sylvia Higginbotham (Parlance).
  • Sleep No More, by Greg Iles (Putnam).
  • In the Deep Hearts Core, by Michael Johnston (Grove Press).
  • Frontier House, by Simon Shaw, Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith (Pocket Books).
  • Pompeii Man, a novel by Paul Ruffin (Louisiana Literature Press).
  • Rescuing Jesus from the Christians, by Clayton Sullivan (Trinity Press International).
  • The Journey Home: A Father’s Gift to His Son, by Clifton L. Taulbert (Council Oak Books).
  • Little Cliff and the Cold Place, by Clifton L. Taulbert (Dial Books for Young Readers).
  • Separate, But Equal: The Mississippi Photographs of Henry Clay Anderson, by Henry Clay Anderson, with an essay by Clifton L. Taulbert (PublicAffairs).
  • The Heaven of Mercury, a novel by Brad Watson (W.W. Norton).
  • The Collected Poems of Tennessee Williams, edited by David E. Roessel and Nicholas Rand Moschovakis (New Directions).
  • 1946: A Poem, by Ahmos Zu-Bolton II (Ishmael Reed).

Death June 19: Fiction writer Berry Morgan died at the age of 83 in Sumit Point, West Virginia.

Death October 13: Historian Stephen E. Ambrose died at the age of 66 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

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