A Mississippi Writer Timeline

A Compendium of Births, Deaths, Publications, Awards, and Other Events in Mississippi’s Literary History

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[Books] Publications:

[Birth] March 31: Mystery writer Louisa Dixon was born in Stamford, Connecticut.

[Stage Play] December 29: The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams premieres at the Erlanger Theatre in Chicago.

[Film] Premiere of the film The Glass Menagerie, based on the play by Tennessee Williams.

[Award] December 10: William Faulkner receives the Nobel Prize for Literature for the year 1949 and the Howells Medal for Fiction.


[Books] Publications:

[Birth] July 9: Larry Brown born in Oxford, Mississippi.

[Birth] October 3: Neil McGaughey born in Natchez, Mississippi.

[Birth] November 25: Charlaine Harris born in Tunica, Mississippi.

[Stage Play] February 3: Tennessee Williams’s play The Rose Tattoo produced on Broadway.

[Film] Premiere of the film A Streetcar Named Desire, based on the play by Tennessee Williams.

[Film] Premiere of the film Native Son, screenplay by Richard Wright and based on his novel.

[Award] William Faulkner receives a National Book Award for Collected Stories and the Legion of Honor award in New Orleans.


[Birth] March 1: Nevada Barr born in Yerington, Nevada.

[Birth] May 8: Beth Henley born in Jackson, Mississippi.


[Books] Publications:

[Birth] May 12: Carolyn Haines was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

[Birth] July 23: Margaree King Mitchell born in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

[Stage Play] Tennessee Williams's play Camino Real produced on Broadway.


[Books] Publications:
  • Memoirs of Henry Tillinghast Ireys. Papers of the Washington County Historical Society, 1910-1915, edited by William D. McCain and Charlotte Capers (Mississippi Department of Archives and History).
  • A Fable, a novel by William Faulkner (Random House).
  • Jordan County: A Landscape in Narrative, a novel by Shelby Foote (Random House).
  • Misrepresentation in Mississippi, by George Thatcher (Dixie Press).
  • Prayers in Sickness, by George Thatcher (Dixie Press).
  • The Ponder Heart, a novel by Eudora Welty (Harcourt).
  • Savage Holiday, a novel by Richard Wright (Avon).
  • Black Power: A Record of Reactions in a Land of Pathos, nonfiction by Richard Wright (Harper).

October 27: Jim Fraiser born in New Orleans.

February 7: Author and poet Maxwell Bodenheim was fatally shot by Harold Weinberg while on a drinking spree. Weinberg then stabed Bodenheim’s wife Ruth to death, as well.


[Books] Publications:

[Birth] Danny Von Kanel was born in Macon, Mississippi.

[Birth] February 8: John Grisham born in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

[Stage Play][Award] Tennessee Williams's play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof produced on Broadway. It wins the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

[Film] Premiere of the film Land of the Pharaohs, screenplay by William Faulkner, Harry Kurnitz, and Harold Jack Bloom.

[Film] Premiere of the film The Rose Tattoo, based on the play by Tennessee Williams.

[Award] William Faulkner receives a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award for A Fable.

[Award] Eudora Welty receives a William Dean Howells Medal from the American Academy of Arts and Letters for The Ponder Heart.


[Books] Publications:
  • Walk through the Valley, by Borden Deal (Scribner)
  • Faulkner at Nagano, speeches and interviews by William Faulkner, edited by Robert A. Jelliffe (Kenkyusha Ltd.).
  • Baby Doll: The Script of the Film, by Tennessee Williams (New American Library).
  • The Color Curtain, nonfiction by Richard Wright (World).
  • In the Winter of Cities, poetry by Tennessee Williams (New Directions).
  • The Color Curtain: A Report on the Bandung Conference, by Richard Wright (World).
  • Best Plays by Chekhov: The Sea Gull, Uncle Vanya, the Three Sisters, the Cherry Orchard, translation by Stark Young (Random House)

[News] December 16: James Meredith married Mary June Wiggins.

[Stage Play] Eudora Welty's The Ponder Heart is adapted for the stage and produced on Broadway.

[Film] Premiere of the film Baby Doll, based on the play by Tennessee Williams.

[Award] Willie Morris receives a Rhodes Scholarship.


[Books] Publications:

[Stage Play] Tennessee Williams's play Orpheus Descending produced on Broadway.

[Film] Premiere of the film The Tarnished Angels, based on the novel Pylon by William Faulkner.


[Books] Publications:
  • The Secret of Sylvia, by Borden Deal (under pseudonym "Lee Borden") (Fawcett/Gold Medal)
  • Three Famous Short Novels, by William Faulkner (Random House).
  • The Civil War: A Narrative. Vol. 1: Fort Sumter to Perryville, history by Shelby Foote (Random House).
  • Suddenly, Last Summer, a play by Tennessee Williams (New Directions).
  • The Long Dream, a novel by Richard Wright (Doubleday).

[Birth] March 7: Rick Bass born in Fort Worth, Texas.

[Birth] September 30: Country music singer-songwriter Marty Stuart was born in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

[Stage Play] January 7: Two plays by Tennessee Williams, Suddenly Last Summer and Something Unspoken, open under the collective title Garden District (after their shared New Orleans locale) Off-Broadway at the York Theatre in New York.

[Stage Play] December 29: Period of Adjustment High Point over a Cavern by Tennessee Williams opens at Coconut Grove Playhouse, Miami.

[Film] Premiere of the film The Long Hot Summer, based on the novel The Hamlet and several short stories by William Faulkner.

[Film] Premiere of the film Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, based on the play by Tennessee Williams.


[Books] Publications:

[Birth] March 27: David Galef born in New York.

[Stage Play] William Faulkner's Requiem for a Nun produced on Broadway.

[Stage Play] Tennessee Williams's play Sweet Bird of Youth produced on Broadway.

[Film] Premiere of the film The Sound and the Fury, based on the novel by William Faulkner.

[Film] December 22: Premiere of the film Suddenly, Last Summer, based on the play by Tennessee Williams.


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