A Mississippi Writer Timeline

A Compendium of Births, Deaths, Publications, Awards, and Other Events in Mississippi’s Literary History

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[Books] Publications:

[Birth] July 6: Baptist minister and theologian Clayton Sullivan was born in Jackson, Mississippi.


[Books] Publications:

[Birth] Winthrop Jordan born.

[Birth] April 19: Etheridge Knight born in Corinth, Mississippi.

[Birth] November 11: Winthrop Jordan born in Worcester, Massachusetts.

[Death] March 25: Ida B. Wells-Barnett died of uremic poisoning in Chicago, Illinois.


[Books] Publications:

[Birth] November 19: Ben E. Bailey born in Durant, Mississippi.


. [Books] Publications:

[Birth] March 8: James A. Autry born in Memphis, Tennessee.

[Birth] March 17: Myrlie Evers born Myrlie Van Dyke in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

[Birth] June 25: James Meredith born in Kosciusko, Mississippi.

[Film] Premiere of the film Today We Live, screenplay by William Faulkner (and based on his short story “Turn About”).

[Film] Premiere of the film The Story of Temple Drake, based on the novel Sanctuary by William Faulkner.


[Books] Publications:
  • Doctor Martino and Other Stories, short stories by William Faulkner (Smith and Haas).
  • So Red the Rose, a novel by Stark Young (C. Scribner's Sons)

[Birth] November 29: Willie Morris born in Jackson, Mississippi; within half a year, the family moves to Yazoo City, Mississippi.


[Books] Publications:
  • Pylon, a novel by William Faulkner (Smith and Haas).
  • Death Follows a Formula, by "Newton Gale" (Maurice Guiness and Muna Lee) (Scribner's)
  • The Sentry Box Murder, by "Newton Gale" (Maurice Guiness and Muna Lee) (Scribner's)
  • Feliciana, stories by Stark Young (C. Scribner's Sons)
  • Heaven Trees, a novel by Stark Young (C. Scribner's Sons)

[Birth] Anne Carsley born.

[Birth] February 20: Ellen Gilchrist born in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

[Birth] June 17: William Mills born in Hattiesburg.

[Birth] October 12: William Raspberry born in Okolona, Mississippi.

[Stage Play] Tennessee Williams's play Cairo, Shanghai, Bombay produced in Memphis.


[Books] Publications:
  • Absalom, Absalom!, a novel by William Faulkner (Random House).
  • Murder at 28:10, by “Newton Gale” (Maurice Guiness and Muna Lee) (Scribner’s)

[Birth] January 10: Stephen E. Ambrose born in Decatur, Illinois.

[Birth] February 7: John Stone born in Jackson, Mississippi.

[Birth] March 15: James Whitehead born in St. Louis, Missouri.

[Birth] September 24: Jim Henson born in Greenville, Mississippi.

[Film] Premiere of the film The Road to Glory, screenplay by William Faulkner and Joel Sayre.


[Books] Publications:
  • Art in Review: Reprints of Material Dealing with Art Exhibitions Directed by Walt Dehner and Acquisitions in the University of Puerto Rico, 1929-1938, by Muna Lee (University of Puerto Rico).
  • Southern Treasury of Life and Literature Selected by Stark Young, edited by Stark Young (C. Scribner's Sons)
  • Death in the Glass, by "Newton Gale" (Maurice Guiness and Muna Lee) (Scribner's)

[Birth] Gloria Norris born in Holcomb, Mississippi.

[Birth] July 16: Jay Higginbotham was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

[Stage Play] Tennessee Williams's plays Candles to the Sun and The Fugitive Kind are produced in St. Louis.

[Film] Premiere of the film Slave Ship, screenplay by William Faulkner, Sam Hellman, Lamar Trotti, and Gladys Lehman.


[Books] Publications:
  • The Unvanquished, a novel by William Faulkner (Random House).
  • Sinister Crag, by "Newton Gale" (Maurice Guiness and Muna Lee) (Scribner's)
  • Uncle Tom's Children: Four Novellas, by Richard Wright; expanded edition published that same year as Uncle Tom's Children: Five Novellas (Harper).
  • Bright and Morning Star, a story by Richard Wright (International Publishers).

[Birth] November 5: Robert W. Hamblin born in Jericho (Union County), Mississippi.

[Birth] December 17: L. C. Dorsey was born in Tribbett, Mississippi.


[Books] Publications:

[Birth] January 1: James Seay born in Panola County, Mississippi.

[Birth] July 5: Historian John F. Marszalek was born in Buffalo, New York.

[Birth] August 2: Charles Wilson born in Kennett, Missouri.

[Birth] August 23: Lewis Nordan born in Jackson, Mississippi.

[Film] Premiere of the film Gunga Din, screenplay by Freg Guiol with story by Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur, and William Faulkner.

[Award] William Faulkner receives an O. Henry Award and is elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters.


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