A Mississippi Writer Timeline

A Compendium of Births, Deaths, Publications, Awards, and Other Events in Mississippi’s Literary History

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[Books] Publications:

[Birth] October 1: David Herbert Donald born in Goodman, Mississippi.


[Books] Publications:
  • Three One Act Plays: Madretto, At the Shrine, Addie, by Stark Young (Stewart Ridd Co.)

[Birth] May 28: Joseph Edgar Simmons born in Natchez.

[Birth] July 12: Josephine Ayres (Ellen Douglas) born in Natchez.

[Birth] July 19: Elizabeth Spencer born in Carrollton, Mississippi.


[Birth] Charles Evers was born near Decatur, Mississippi.

[Birth] September 18: Newspaper columnist George Thatcher was born in Gulfport, Mississippi.

[Birth] October 11: Thomas Hal Phillips was born on a farm near Corinth, Mississippi.

[Birth] October 12: Borden Deal was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi.


[Books] Publications:
  • Sea-Change, poems by Muna Lee (Macmillan)
  • The Flower in Drama: A Book of Papers on the Theatre, by Stark Young (C. Scribern's Sons)

[Birth] besmilr brigham born (as Bess Miller Moore) in Pace, Mississippi.

[Birth] July 18: Jimmy Faulkner born in Oxford, Mississippi.

[Birth] August 19: Martha Lacy Hall born in Magnolia, Mississippi.

[Birth] December 3: Malcolm Franklin born in Shanghai, China.


[Books] Publications:

[Birth] July 18: Will Davis Campbell born in Liberty, Mississippi.

[Birth] December 11: Charles East born in Shelby, Mississippi.


[Books] Publications:
  • Glamour: Essays on the Art of the Theatre, by Stark Young (C. Scribner's Sons)
  • The Saint: A Play in Four Acts, by Stark Young (Boni and Liveright)
  • Sweet Times and the Blue Policeman, children's plays by Stark Young (H. Holt and Co.)

[Birth] July 2: Medgar Evers born near Decatur, Mississippi.

[Birth] November 21: Robert Canzoneri born in San Marcos, Texas.

[Birth] December 5: John Alfred Williams born in Jackson, Mississippi


[Books] Publications:
  • Soldiers' Pay, the first novel by William Faulkner (Boni and Liveright).
  • Sherwood Anderson and Other Famous Creoles, a collection of sketches and caricatures by William Spratling with a foreword by William Faulkner.
  • Four Years Beneath the Crescent, by Rafael de Nogales, translated by Muna Lee (Scribner's).
  • Encaustics, by Stark Young (New Republic Inc.)
  • Theatre Practice, nonfiction by Stark Young (C. Scribner's Sons)

[Birth] July 1: Frank Trippett was born in Columbus, Mississippi.

[Birth] May 25: John Crews born in Monroe, Michigan; at the age of six months his family moves to Vicksburg, Mississippi.

[Birth] September 28: Jerry Clower born in Liberty, Mississippi.


[Books] Publications: [Birth] October 8: Patrick D. Smith was born in Mendenhall, Mississippi.


[Books] Publications:
  • The Torches Flare, a novel by Stark Young (C. Scribner's Sons)

[Birth] September 26: Joan Williams was born.


[Books] Publications:
  • Sartoris, a novel by William Faulkner (Harcourt, Brace).
  • The Sound and the Fury, a novel by William Faulkner (Jonathan Cape and Harrison Smith).
  • River House, a novel by Stark Young (C. Scribner's Sons)
  • The Sea Gull, by Anton Chekhov, translation by Stark Young (C. Scribner's Sons)

[Birth] October 23: Jere Hoar was born in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

[Birth] January 12: Turner Cassity was born in Jackson, Mississippi.


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