A Mississippi Writer Timeline

A Compendium of Births, Deaths, Publications, Awards, and Other Events in Mississippi’s Literary History

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[Books] Publications:
  • Proceedings of the Board of Choctaw Commissioners. Col. Claiborne's Statement, by J.F.H. Claiborne
  • The Wife of Leon, and Other Poems by Two Sisters of the West, by Catherine Ann Warfield and Eleanor P. Lee (E. Morgan & Co.)


[News] February 24: The Mississippi legislature charters the University of Mississippi, the first public institution of higher learning in the state. The university will be built in Oxford, whose townspeople had named it that in hope of attracting the state university.


[Books] Publications:
  • The Life and Confession of A. J. MacCannon, Murderer of the Adcock Family, by William Clark Falkner.
  • Letters on the Epistle of Paul to Philemon: Or, the Connection of Apostolical Christianity with Slavery, by Augustus Baldwin Longstreet (B. Jenkins).


[Books] Publications:


[Books] Publications:
  • A Voice from the South: Comprising Letters from Georgia to Massachusetts, and to the Southern States: With an Appendix Containing an Article from the Charleston Mercury on the Wilmot Proviso, by Augustus Baldwin Longstreet (Western Continent Press)


[News] November 6: The University of Mississippi opens its first semester of classes, with a class consisting of seventy-nine Mississippians and one Tennessean. The first university president is George Frederick Holmes, a 28-year-old who will remain in office for only five months.

[Death] October 22: Alexander G. McNutt dies in DeSoto County, Mississippi, while on a political campaign.


[Birth] February 26: Katherine Sherwood Bonner born in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

[Birth] March 11: Eliza Jane Poitevant (Pearl Rivers) born in Gainesville, Mississippi.

[News] Augustus Baldwin Longstreet becomes president of the University of Mississippi. He will serve until 1856.


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