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Willie Morris dies (August 1999)
Cheating charges dropped against Barthelme brothers (August 1999)

Author Willie Morris dies

2 August 1999

Mississippi writer Willie Morris died in Jackson, Mississippi, on August 2, 1999, following a heart attack. He was 64 years old. A native of Yazoo City, Mississippi, Morris moved to New York City in 1963 to work as an associate editor at Harper's magazine. In 1967, he became the youngest editor-in-chief of the nation's oldest magazine, a position which he held until 1971. His books include North Toward Home, Terrains of the Heart and Other Stories of Home, and New York Days.


Cheating charges dropped against Barthelme brothers

10 August 1999

A judge has thrown out the criminal charges against Mississippi writers Frederick and Steven Barthelme, who were charged in 1997 for having cheated a Gulfport casino while playing blackjack. Prosecutors originally charged the brothers along with the blackjack dealer, claiming they were conspiring to cheat the casino, but the charges were dropped after a Nevada gaming expert reviewing surveillance video saw that the dealer was flashing signs to other players as well. The brothers' attorney said their only mistake was sitting at a table where the dealer was behaving erratically. The two brothers, who admit losing more than a quarter of a million dollars over two years at the casinos, have written a book about their gambling and the subsequent prosecution. Double Down is due out from Houghton Miflin in November.

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Sun Herald Online: Two writers cleared in casino case (10 August 1999)

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