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Yazoo City remembers Willie Morris in weekend celebration
(May 17, 2002)
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Shifting Interludes: Selected Essays
(October 2002)
(April 2002)
(April 2001)
My Mississippi
(November 2000)
My Cat Spit McGee
(November 2000)
My Cat Spit McGee
(November 1999)
Eudora Welty: A Tribute
(April 1999)

The Ghosts of Medgar Evers: A Tale of Race, Murder, Mississippi, and Hollywood
(February 1998)


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Willie Morris:
Media Adaptations

Audio Book
  • My Dog Skip. Recorded Books, 1996. Three sound cassettes (3.25 hours). Read by Frank Muller.


  • The Art of the Essay. The Annenberg/CPB Collection, 1992. Videocassette (30 minutes). Program #3 in Literary Visions Series; hosted by Fran Dorn. Traces the development of the essay as a literary genre and analyzes Morris's "A Love That Transcends Sadness" (Parade Magazine, 13 September 1981). It can be purchased online from Annenberg/CPB.
  • My Dog Skip. Alcon Entertainment, 1999. Warner Bros., 2000. Video cassette and DVD (1 hour, 35 minutes). Motion picture adaptation of Willie Morris's My Dog Skip.
  • The River Pirates. Vidmark Entertainment, 1994. Video cassette (1 hour, 48 minutes). Re-release of Good Old Boy, a motion picture based on Morris's book. Originally filmed by Multimedia Entertainment in 1988 and broadcast by The Disney Channel in the fall of that year. It can be purchased online from Videoflicks.

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