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The Mississippi Writers Page brings together in one place a wide assortment of information about Mississippi's plethora of literary artists. To better enable our guests to find what they are looking for, we offer a number of methods to browse the informational documents present on this web site.

What’s Here?
At the heart of The Mississippi Writers Page are the Writer Listings, individual articles on Mississippi writers which include biographical and critical commentaries on the writers, a comprehensive list of their publications, media adaptations, a selective bibliography of critical resources, and an assortment of resources available on the Internet.

Ways to Browse
Below the web site logo on nearly every page are links which take you directly to different methods by which to find a particular Mississippi writer of interest to you. The most obvious methods are the author and title lists—each of these are sorted alphabetically by last name or book title. The other main methods by which the writers are categorized are by place in Mississippi, by the years of a writer's life, and by the genre(s) in which a writer wrote.

From these lists you may link to the articles for each author. Because of the large number of writers involved—the current incomplete count is 260 writers—individual articles on many of the writers listed are not yet complete; nevertheless, the information presented in the lists themselves about these writers's hometowns, their lifespans, and their chosen genres may be helpful in narrowing your search for information using other methods.

Which Method Should I Use?
Obviously, you should select a browsing method appropriate to what information you already know. If you know a writer's name, then the author browse would most likely be your method of choice. If you know the title of a work but are uncertain who wrote it, then the title browse might be more useful. If you're certain that a writer is dead, then the year of death browse might be the quickest way to find results. And so forth.

In addition to these five main methods of browsing, there are prose introductions to the four main genres of writing—drama, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry—which can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate word in the graphic logo at the top of each page. Each introduction features a brief appraisal of the most renowned Mississippi writers in each genre with links to individual articles. Over time, we also will establish pages devoted to highlights in each genre, focusing on what we deem are the very best examples from each genre that were written by Mississippi writers.

Other Features
The Writer Listings comprise the heart of The Mississippi Writers Page, but by no means are they all we have to offer. Other features include Just Published, a list of recent and soon-to-be-released books by Mississippi writers; Literary Landmarks, a travelogue (still in development) of Mississippi towns, places, and landmarks made famous in the writings of Mississippi authors; the Mississippi Writer Timeline, a chronology of births and deaths, awards, publications, and other significant events in the literary history of the state; and news and events pertaining to the literary scene in Mississippi. These and other features are available both from the green navigational buttons along the left side of the screen and from the text links at the bottom of every page.

Summary of Browsing Methods
Listed below is a summary of the various means of browsing the Writer Listings.

By Authors’ Last Names
Alphabetically by book title
By Mississippi places associated with writers
By Year:
By Genre: (Author lists)

How to Contact Us
If you would like to write us to offer suggestions for improvement, to report errors (both technical and factual), or simply to let us know how we're doing, please feel free to drop us a line. Use this form to send us information updates, suggestions, and corrections, or send us Email direct to mwp@olemiss.edu. You can write us via regular mail at The Mississippi Writers Page, c/o The Department of English, The University of Mississippi, University, MS 38677.

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