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Barbara Ensrud
Barbara Ensrud

Barbara Ensrud

A respected journalist and wine connoisseur, Barbara Ensrud was formerly based in New York. She now lives in Oxford, Mississippi. She is a freelance wine journalist as well as regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Parade, and Smart Money. Ensrud's literary achievements include American Vineyards (1988), a thorough and colorful guide to the nation's wine making regions, and Wine With Food (1984), which includes menus as well as a detailed discussion of delightful tastes. However, in 1991 her most poplar publication, Best Wine Buys For $10 Or Less, opened the door for countless Americans to the rich world of wine, without the sour taste of poverty. Its successor, Best Wine Buys for $12 and Under, is available in bookstores now.

Ensrud is a member of the New York Wine Press and the American Society of Journalists. Her articles have been featured in Vogue, Home & Garden, GQ, Food & Wine and many other magazines. Her website, WineWise with Barbara Ensrud, is an informative reference point for anyone interested in today's most affordable wines. She is currently working on a new wine book published by Random House and teaches wine appreciation at the University of Mississippi.

Article first posted June 1999

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