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Tyrus: An American Legend
(July 2002)

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Patrick Creevy

Patrick Creevy was born on December 11, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Robert (in pharmaceutical manufacturing) and Mary Frances Creevy. He married Susan O'Connor, an architect, on August 15, 1970.

He received his B.A. from Holy Cross College in 1970 and a Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1975. The following year, he took a teaching job at Mississippi State University in Starkville. Today, he is a fiction writer and professor of English at Mississippi State.

He describes his own artistic vision as “poetical,” by which he means “perceptive of spiritual significance in whatever comes” before him. He says that what he loves in poetry is “the tension between our self-preservational instinct and our instinctive need to take ourselves apart.”

His works of fiction include Lake Shore Drive (1992) and most recently, Tyrus: An American Legend (2002), a fictional account about the real-life baseball legend Ty Cobb.

Yoshiko Kayano

Article updated July 2002

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Patrick Creevy receives a faculty teaching excellence award
Creevy received the John Grisham Faculty Excellence Award at Mississippi State University in 1993.



  • Lake Shore Drive. New York: Tor, 1992.
  • Tyrus. Forge, 2002.

Academic Publications:

  • “Arnold's ‘Dover Beach.'” Explicator 36.3 (1978): 13-14.
  • “Hospitality in the Old Testament and English Literature: Some Points of Connection.” Publications of the Mississippi Philological Association (1984): 14-36.
  • “In Time and Out: The Tempo of Life in Bleak House.” Dickens Studies Annual: Essays on Victorian Fiction 12 (1983): 63-80.
  • “John Donne's Meditations upon the Magnitude of Disease.” Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal 72.1 (Spring 1989): 61-73.
  • “J. S. Mill and James Martineau: Possibilities and Limitations of an Associationist Aesthetic.” Victorian Poetry 24.2 (Summer 1986): 115-29.
  • “Richard Holt Hutton on Matthew Arnold.” Victorian Poetry 16 (1978): 134-46.
  • “The Victorian Goethe Critics: Notions of Greatness and Development.” VIJ: Victorians Institute Journal 13 (1985): 31-57.



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