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The Page Counter that appears at the bottom of most pages in our web site counts the number of “hits” to a particular page based on its full path. In the fall of 2001, we simplified our web site address to make it easier for users to remember. The full path to our web site


can now be accessed by the much shorter address


For all ordinary purposes and intents, these two web addresses are identical. Unfortunately, the page counter available for our use on the University of Mississippi web site counts these as two separate pages because the full path is different. Hence, the indicated number of hits for pages accessed using the longer, older address tends to be much higher for most pages in our site because (a) those pages have been available much longer at that address than at the newer, shorter address, and (b) most web search engines and other web sites index and link to pages in our site at the older address.

In addition, this page counter tallies every time an individual path is accessed, regardless of the circumstances. Each time a page is loaded counts as a hit, even if, for instance, it is being reloaded repeatedly by the same person. As a result, the number is unreliable as an actual indicator of the number of users who visit our site.

We include the page counter information on our pages as a general indicator of the number of times a particular page has been visited. If anyone is interested in getting more specific figures about when, where, and how this web site is being accessed, we recommend you consult the UM Web Project page for information on how to obtain more reliable statistics.

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