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January 1999

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Watch Me Fly: What I Learned on Becoming the Woman I Was Meant to Be Watch Me Fly: What I Learned on Becoming the Woman I Was Meant to Be

Nonfiction by Myrlie Evers-Williams and Melinda Blau

Little, Brown & Company (Hardcover, $23.00, ISBN: 0316255203)

Publication date: January 1999

Description from Kirkus Reviews (15 December 1998):

A poignant memoir by one of our nation’s most admired African-American women, written with the assistance of journalist Blau. Widow of assassinated civil rights leader Medgar Evers who has herself served as chairwoman of the NAACP, Evers-Williams chronicles her own evolution and turning points, while offering practical advice to readers. Though her tone is occasionally preachy and her prose is a bit uninspired, she offers a glimpse into not only one woman’s struggles, but, indirectly, into those of a nation. When she first married Evers, she not only resented the time he spent away from her but didn't even share his “zeal for the cause.” For, raised by her paternal grandparents in a professional, middle-class setting, Evers-Williams had been largely sheltered from the poverty and discrimination that devastated the lives of many African-Americans. As the wife of an activist, however, she soon enough was exposed to the blatant racism that poisoned much of the South. At the height of Medgar Everss efforts, ominous phone calls and other harassments pervaded their family life. Following the murder of her husband, Evers-Williams fought the good fight as a single mother; her determination to raise her three children in a more humane environment led her not only to civil rights but to human rights in a broader context. Among her many personal triumphs was her success in seeing her husband’s assassin finally convicted decades after the murder. In her 60’s, while nursing her second husband in his final stages of prostate cancer, Evers-Williams rose to the number-one position in the NAACP, helping to save it from numerous financial and political disasters that plagued the organization. Crediting much of her success in overcoming adversity to her deep faith in God, she refers to herself as “still-growing, ... a work in progress.” Driven by passion, this book instructs and inspires. —Copyright © 1998, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

The Street Lawyer The Street Lawyer

A Novel by John Grisham

Dell (Paperback, $7.99, ISBN: 0440225701)

Publication date: January 1999 (Reprint edition)

Description from the publisher:

He gave up the money. He gave up the power. Now all he has left is the law.

Michael Brock is billing the hours, making the money, rushing relentlessly to the top of Drake & Sweeney, a giant D.C. law firm. One step away from partnership, Michael has it all. Then, in an instant, it all comes undone. A homeless man takes nine lawyers hostage in the firm’s plush offices. When it is all over, the man’s blood is splattered on Michael’s face—and suddenly Michael is willing to do the unthinkable. Rediscovering a conscience he lost long ago, Michael is leaving the big time for the streets where his attacker once lived—and where society’s powerless need an advocate for justice.

But there’s one break Michael can’t make: from a secret that has floated up from the depths of Drake & Sweeney, from a confidential file that is now in Michael’s hands, and from a conspiracy that has already taken lives. Now Michael’s former partners are about to become his bitter enemies. Because to them, Michael Brock is the most dangerous man on the streets....

Eight Habits of the Heart Eight Habits of the Heart: Embracing the Values That Build Strong Families and Communities

Nonfiction by Clifton L. Taulbert

Penguin (Paperback, $9.95, ISBN: 0140266763)

Publication date: January 1999


Clifton L. Taulbert is renowned for his poignant memoirs about growing up in the segregated South and for his lectures and programs in schools, businesses, and communities throughout the world. In this inspiring handbook he lays out eight basic principles he learned from his elders: a nurturing attitude, dependability, responsibility, friendship, brotherhood, high expectations, courage, and hope. With a new Introduction and exercises for reflection and practice, Taulbert shows how the Eight Habits can be utilized today to help strengthen relationships, families, and communities everywhere. This inspirational book stands alongside The Book of Virtues and Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families as a refreshing and meaningful guide to the spiritual core we, as a society, always seem to be seeking.

The Ties That Bind The Ties That Bind: Timeless Values for African American Families

Nonfiction by Joyce A. Ladner

John Wiley & Sons (Hardcover, $22.95, ISBN: 0471199532)

Publication date: January 1999

Description from the publisher:

How do we strengthen our children’s souls?

How do we fortify them with a sense of obligation, hope, faith, trust, and a burning desire to achieve?

In this wise and important book, you will discover unlimited answers that are yours for the taking—the keys to raising children with strong values and a positive sense of purpose and identity.

Today’s children—many of them blessed with more material wealth and education than any generation before—greet the world with a sense of uneasiness at best, and, at worst, a sense of despair. In The Ties That Bind, Dr. Joyce Ladner, an eminent sociologist, shows how we can empower more children with the self-confidence that will sustain them throughout their lives.

Keeping the promise of her own tradition-rich Mississippi upbringing, Dr. Ladner passes on the timeless treasure of African American values. A leading scholar and activist, she reveals how each generation taught the next a vital set of lessons in values. Drawing insight from everyday heroes, family stories, and personal experiences as a mother of a growing son, she brings those lessons to life and shapes them for our times.

Step by step, she teaches the authentic principles of the historic black value system. Finally, she demonstrates how you can pass on this legacy in a way that children will absorb through dozens of simple, everyday activities for home, church, school, and community life.

The Ties That Bind will help you give your children the foundation they need through their growing years and beyond. Let this enriching book with its healing lessons guide and nourish your family.

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