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May 1997

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Wild to the Heart

Nonfiction by Rick Bass, Illustrated by Elizabeth Hughes

Norton (Paperback, $12.00, ISBN: 0393314871)

Publication date: May 1997


On long weekends, Rick Bass drives away from Jackson, Mississippi, and the job that confines him. His excursions take him to southern rivers, southern swamps, and sometimes to conservation meetings. Through thirteen essays written in a style compared to Thoreau, Muir, and Annie Dillard, Bass records his meanderings in a lyrical exploration of wildness and freedomin nature and in ourselves.

The Band Played Dixie: Race and the Liberal Conscience at Ole Miss The Band Played Dixie: Race and the Liberal Conscience at Ole Miss

Nonfiction by Nadine Cohodas

Free Press (Hardcover, $27.50, ISBN: 0684827212)

Publication date: May 1997


Cohodas returns to the University of Mississippi 35 years after federal troops were sent there to enforce the enrollment of black student James Meredith. Using the violent struggles of the 1960s as a focal point of its history, this penetrating portrait of “Ole Miss” provides a frank and startling glimpse into a seemingly unbridgeable chasm in American culture, between the fantasies of the liberal conscience and the reality of deeply rooted racial tension.

Extinct Extinct

A Novel by Charles Wilson

St. Martin’s Press (Paperback, $6.50, ISBN: 0312962126)

Publication date: May 1997


From the Gulf of Mexico’s shallow waters to the deepest parts of the Pacific, terror comes to the surface when six-year-old Paul Haines sees two older boys disappear under the surf. His mother, Carolyn, a charter boat captain on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, finds herself embroiled in the tragedy to an extent she could never have imagined. Soon to be an NBC miniseries.

Margaret Cape: A Novel Margaret Cape

A Novel by Wylene Dunbar

Harcourt Brace (Hardcover, $23.00, ISBN: 0151002487)

Publication date: May 1997


Margaret Finley is an outsider when she comes to Mississippi, to marry Big John Cape, a Southern plantation owner many years her senior. When Big John dies, she is childless and alone, leaving the town agog a few years later when she marries Big John’s son. Redolent with the sights and smells of the Mississippi Delta and heavy with the atmosphere of its society, Margaret Cape knits together the South’s evolution with Margaret’s determination to remain whole and independent.

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

By Tennessee Williams

Buccaneer Books (Hardcover, $27.95, ISBN: 1568493606)

Publication date: May 1997

Walker Percy: A Life

Biography by Patrick Samway

Farrar, Straus, & Giroux (Hardcover, $35.00, ISBN: 0374187355)

Publication date: May 1997


When he won the National Book Award in 1962 for his first novel, The Moviegoer, Walker Percy quickly established a wide and devoted following. This biography, written with Percy’s assistance, tracks the unexpected twists and complexities of his career.

The Wonder Book of the Air

A Novel by Cynthia Shearer

Vintage (Paperback, $12.00, ISBN: 0679758364)

Publication date: May 1997


In electrifying prose and with a rare generosity of feeling, this dramatic and piercing debut novel tells the story of the fractured lives of three generations of one Southern family. “Magnificent ... brims with characters who seem truer than life.” —Kaye Gibbons.

Reaching the Top: Secrets of Closing the Sale, Top Performance: Using the Art of Persuasion to Develop Excellence in Yourself and Others

By Zig Ziglar

Budget Book Service (Paperback, $12.99, ISBN: 0883659883)

Publication date: May 1997


Zig Ziglar, an internationally renowned speaker and authority on high-level performance, offers easy-to-apply methods, techniques, exercises, and tips for reaching the top in any career or endeavor. Rich with amusing anecdotes and vivid illustrations, this anthology is a resourceful guide to maximizing one’s powers of persuasion and ability to bring out the best in everyone. 58 line drawings.

Odd Leaves from the Life of a Louisiana Swamp Doctor

Sketches by Henry Clay Lewis, Introduction by by Edwin T. Arnold

Louisiana State University Press (Hardcover, $24.95, ISBN: 0807121851; Paperback, $12.95, ISBN: 0807121673)

Publication date: May 1997

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