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February 1997

Note: Prices listed below reflect the publisher's suggested list price. They are subject to change without notice.

Granddaddy’s Gift

Juvenile Fiction by Margaree King Mitchell; Illustrated by Larry Johnson

Bridgewater Books (ISBN: 0816740100)

Publication date: February 1997

Mortal Fear Mortal Fear

A Novel by Greg Iles

E.P. Dutton ($24.95, ISBN: 0525937927)

Publication date: February 1997


Harper Cole’s a hacker at heart, and indulges a number of vices at once by running an erotic electronic bulletin board from his country home on the Mississippi Delta. Unfortunately, a serial killer is also indulging himself—and using Harper’s service to find his victims. When Harper discovers that a woman who stopped logging on to his board has been brutally murdered in New Orleans, he goes to the police, only to find that several other former users have also died violently. Under suspicion himself, Harper must use all the online wizardry at his disposal to trick and capture a brilliant, kinky killer.

The Partner The Partner

A Novel by John Grisham

Doubleday ($26.95, ISBN: 0385472951)

Publication date: February 1997


Literary slugger John Grisham returns with a story about—surprise!—a lawyer in trouble. Patrick Lanigan had been a young partner in a prominent Southern law firm. He had a beautiful wife, a new baby girl, and a bright future. Then one winter night Patrick was trapped in a burning car; the casket they buried held nothing but ashes.

A short distance away, Patrick watched his own burial then fled. A fortune was stolen from his ex-firm’s offshore account. And Patrick ran, covering his tracks the whole way.

But, now, they’ve found him.

Watching Our Crops Come In Watching Our Crops Come In

Nonfiction by Clifton L. Taulbert

Viking ($15.95, ISBN: 0670859524)

Publication date: February 1997


The author of The Last Train North and the acclaimed memoir and film When We Were Colored now recalls the emerging civil rights era and the ordinary people who changed the South.


Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

By Mildred D. Taylor

Puffin (Paperback, $5.99, ISBN: 0140384510)

Publication date: February 1997 (reprint edition)

Description from Midwest Book Review:

Cassie’s family faces a real challenge: to hold on to land in the South during the Depression. Her father works away from home and her mother works and runs the family farm. Lynne Thigpen dramatizes this excellent classic story of a black family’s struggles to remain independent and proud against all obstacles.

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